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Building construction and renovation works completed

The thorough renovation of the historic offices building of Elnor Motors has been completed.

To celebrate 115 years of Elnor, a festive reception was held at our renovated site in Tildonk. The renovation beautifully reflects Elnor's legacy, while investments in infrastructure and production automation support the growing business. Together with suppliers and business partners in our local network, we celebrated this unique event.

The (re)construction of the company buildings gracefully respects the long history of Elnor. The thoroughly renovated main building has been extended with new industrial factory halls to facilitate production upscaling. In a next phase, new warehouses with higher storage capacity will be constructed.

Earlier on, phase 2 had been executed. It entailed various demolition and building construction and renovation works. The initial works of Phase 1 had already been completed.

Ongoing (re)construction works - December 2021

The thorough renovation of the main Elnor office building is coming together nicely. In addition, you see the new-build industrial space in steel construction. The finishing of the buildings and the ground construction works outside are in full swing. Elnor is investing in infrastructure and production automation to support the growing business.

Renovation of main office building

After the demolition works, we are fully engaged in the (re)construction of our company buildings. The thorough renovation of the main Elnor building is becoming increasingly visible.

Workers have started pouring concrete floors in the main office building, which is retained for renovation. This represents a new step in our multi-phase renovation program.

Building of SME units

Next to the main Elnor building, new-build SME rental units are being erected in industrial steel construction.

Demolition works - Completion

The major demolition works in and around our office and production buildings have been completed, as illustrated by the series of pictures below.

Demolition works - Beginning

Since July, demolition works are executed to remove worn out building sections. The main office building is retained and will be renovated. The removed buildings make room for the new site development. Here you see pictures of the working ground and a comparison between the current situation and the front view of the planned facilities, which combine renovated and newly built sections.

During this period, our management and staff are temporarily moving to offices in production and engineering. The tight planning for the upcoming construction works will ensure that they will enjoy a modern and energy-efficient working environment fairly soon.

"The Wall"

The new wall separates the production area from the construction and renovation zone. In a later stage, it will be transformed to an exterior wall of the building. The pictures below show the wall during and after its construction.

Parking lot

As part of Phase 2, a new larger parking lot centralizes various smaller parking areas previously distributed across the premises.


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