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A pioneer in electric drive technology

In 1907 ELNOR Motors started off as ‘Usines Jos De Coster et Compagnie’. The family company manufactured dynamos and small electric motors – electric drives were totally new – for the emerging automotive sector, industrial and household appliances. After the second world war the company continued its activities under the name ‘Wespelaar Electro–Constructions (WELCO)’.


Part of ACEC for a quarter of a century

Where In the early fifties WELCO became part of the ACEC holding, from then on named ‘ELNOR NV’. As part of the international electric motors and transformers group, the motor manufacturer from Haacht executed mass production of different types of electric motors for multiple  decades. That continued until the late eighties when ACEC ended up in difficult straits and was split up.

The birth of Elnor Motors

The factory again changed hands a couple of times and even went bankrupt in 1991. Thanks to a private investor a fresh restart was made possible: ELNOR Motors was born. The company remained in his investment portfolio until the end of 2016. After a management buy-out, the company is now in the hands of a private Flemish investment company and the current management.

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