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Long-term partner


Custom motors arise from a partnership

The design of a custom Elnor motor and its integration into a machine fundamentally increases the performance of the motor itself and the added value of the machine. As opposed to the use of off-the-shelf motors, that approach requires a closer cooperation between the OEM and Elnor. As such the client/supplier working relationship evolves to a long-term partnership. Both parties know each other well and count on each other to adapt and optimize motor characteristics together according to changing needs in the future.

Supporting stronger export results

Extensive expertise and support are essential for manufacturers to successfully enter and service international or intercontinental marktes. We think along with our customer on a practical level. With our client-specific services we support them in exporting faster, more intelligently, and on a larger scale. That regularly results in win-win partnerships in which the client obtains a motor that better fits its specific purpose and can achieve better export numbers.

Keeping motor quality and delivery promises

Overall, customers value Elnor for a number of reasons, including certification support (explosion security and motor efficiency), fast and flexible delivery, and reliable operation with multiple mains across intercontinental markets. Elnor keeps its promises with respect to motor quality and delivery.

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