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In-house design and production


From requirements to motor design

The ideal approach is that the customer initiates interaction with Elnor as early as possible in the process. In this way Elnor is able to smoothly attune motor characteristics to what the customer envisions in terms of performance, fitting, connection, weight, etc. The characteristics and insights are brought to the drawing board, where the custom motor is designed by Elnor's R&D-team.

Custom design leads to better motors

Custom motor design touches on a wide range of aspects: mechanical part design, electronic component integration, cable termination, application-designed windings, etc.

  • Custom shafts and housings as an integral part of the application-specific motor design

  • Integration of electrical components serving various purposes (start/stop function, high starting torque, etc.)

  • Cable termination for faster motor connection during machine assembly

  • In-house manufactured motor windings perfectly match customer needs in terms of motor performance and dimensions

  • Custom flange design facilitates the mechanical transmission between motor and machine

Overall, custom Elnor motors simplify the configuration, improve performance and save time & money.


Prototyping, testing & validation

In times of agile development and customised mass production, it is a smart choice to opt for custom electric motors. The impact is impressive. The equipment becomes more compact and reliable, lighter in weight, more silent and efficient, while exhibiting lower noise & vibrations. 

Production of your custom motor

Worldwide, custom Elnor motors are built into a broad and varied range of machines. For each application, a fit-for-purpose motor is developed – covering performance, integration and certifications – to resolve your system or machine challenges. The list of applications is getting really long.


The power of win-win relations

One of the most successful projects in recent years illustrates the advantages of collaborative customer projects. Together with a leading coffee grinder manufacturer, Elnor has developed a dedicated coffee grinder for shops. After having been picked up by a number of top baristas, the grinder is making waves in the catering sector. Currently our customer can hardly keep up with massive product demand while Elnor benefits from this success through large motor purchase orders.

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