Single-phase motors


Custom design & build

Elnor Motors’ experience with single-phase motors covers an entire century. The (primary) offering to machine manufacturers is powerful and reliable motor design and build. Custom motor design allows better alignment with specific application requirements.

The motor’s internal windings and electric circuitry are designed to deliver the required performance characteristics including low noise and vibration. Elnor Motors has its own winding operations in-house, allowing flexibility and short lead times.


High starting torque

Where required, single-phase motors are engineered to deliver a starting torque that is substantially higher than commercial off-the-shelf electric motors. Grinders, bread slicers and fueling systems are typical applications that demand instant high power when switching on the machine.

Elnor delivers increased starting torque through a specific windings design, start-and-run electrolytic capacitors and a proprietary centrifugal internal switch. The Elnor-proprietary switch design offers extreme durability by surviving at least 5 times more start/stop sequences, compared to commercially available systems.

Fit for purpose

Other important aspects include compact motor design, driveline integration and multiple mains support. The size and shape of the motor are engineered to fit into the available space envelope and support effortless mounting.


Dedicated mechanical parts may be designed to establish a direct drive, replacing complex transmission assemblies. Elnor motors are available in multiple mains voltages, supporting intercontinental markets.

Smart customization

Smart customization means integrated electric components, optimised drivetrain, plug-and-play cabling, etc.


This allows manufacturers to install motors much faster than before, supporting reduced machine delivery times and increased agility to commercial market opportunities.



Power, voltage and frequency ranges

  • 50W up to 2,2kW

  • 100-120V, 200-240V, ... 50Hz and 60Hz

Capacitors configurations

  • Permanent run capacitor

  • Start capacitor, with proprietary centrifugal switch

  • Start capacitor and permanent run capacitor, with proprietary centrifugal switch

High efficiency (IEC 60034-30)

  • IE3 up to 550W in single-phase motor design

  • Mechanical compatibility

Mechanical compatibility

  • Mechanical compatibility to IEC or Nema frame sizes


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