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Explosion-proof motors


Custom design & build

Elnor supplies certified explosion-proof and flame-proof electric motors to a range of manufacturers for global use. The custom single-phase, three-phase or DC motors typically feature an explosion-proof (Exd) enclosure with optional integrated on/off relay. This eliminates separate terminal boxes and related manual cabling work. Custom Elnor motors may additionally come with integrated mounting plate, pre-mounted pulley, and end-of-cable connectors for direct PCB mounting.


Multiple aspects are taken into account when developing dedicated explosion-proof and flame-proof electric motors for customers worldwide:

  • Global explosion-proof and flame-proof motor design & certification

  • Efficient & robust drivetrain

  • Productive motor mounting

  • Global distribution and use


Exd motor design

Elnor designs explosion-proof motors following the ‘Exd’ certification requirements. The ‘Exd’ construction prevents the propagation of an internal explosion to the surrounding explosive atmosphere. It also prevents ingress of humidity, dirt, dust or water.

Exd motors from Elnor have distinct advantages compared to more traditional standard ‘Exp’ and ‘Exe’ motor configurations, thanks to the integration of components that otherwise have to be installed separately.



General characteristics

  • ATEX approved II 2 G Ex db IIB T6/T5/T4/T3 Gb

  • IECEx approved II 2 G Ex db IIB T4/T3 Gb

  • IIB+H2 and IIC on selected motors

  • UL-registered insulation system

  • Ambient temperature range -40°C up to +70°C

The motors of ELNOR are available with approvals to ATEX, IECEx, Inmetro and UL standards

Power, voltage and frequency ranges

  • 50W up to 2,2kW

  • 100-120V, 200-240V, ... 50Hz and 60Hz

  • DC version for 12V, 24V, 36V, …

Capacitors configurations on single-phase motors

  • Permanent run capacitor

  • Start capacitor, with proprietary centrifugal switch

  • Start capacitor and permanent run capacitor, with proprietary centrifugal switch


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