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An established company

Elnor Motors is a manufacturer of electric motors, which is active already for more than a century. Since a number of years we focus on design and production of custom electric motors for machine manufacturers. Worldwide Elnor motors are built in into a broad range of machines, including coffee grinders, bread slicers, fuel pumps in gas stations, motors for air heaters, mixing machines, etc. Elnor motors are durable quality products offering high energy efficiency … and which are 100% recyclable after their long lifetime.



Elnor Motors is a renowned electric motor company with a history that goes back over more than 110 years.


Long-term partner

The custom motors approach requires a closer cooperation which evolves in a long-term partnership.


In-house design and production

Elnor smoothly attunes motor characteristics to what the customer exactly envisions in various aspects.


Mission and vision

In times of agile development and customised mass production, it is smart to opt for custom electric motors.



Elnor Motors’ value-centric approach covers customer intimacy, integrity and honesty, and lean and non-bureaucratic.


Management team

The custom motors approach requires a closer cooperation which evolves in a long-term partnership.



Elnor Motors is regularly featured in regional and (inter)national media, which highlight its custom electric motors company strategy.



Elnor is present on a range of expos, as exhibitor or visitor, to interact with customers, prospects, suppliers and representatives.



Elnor acquires the UL certification for the motor insulation system, which facilitates export to US and Canada.





The entire motor offering is available with IECEx certification, which is important for export outside EU.

The Flemish private investment company Invale NV becomes a shareholder to support the growth of the company in the longer term. The participation of Invale NV perpetuates the Flemish anchoring of the company.

Construction and renovation of the offices and production site.

Reducing cost of ownership

Elnor Motors tightly collaborates with OEMs and manufacturers in developing, producing and integrating custom motors into the machines or systems of clients. For each client the global cost of ownership is reduced, while their solution becomes more robust, lighter, quieter, and more efficient.

Explosion protection

Elnor Motors acquires compliance of its custom motors to international standards w.r.t. explosion security and motor efficiency. Elnor has acquired worldwide certificates w.r.t. explosie security on product level and production system level. In this regard Elnor offers mechanical and electrically designed ATEX, IECEx, Inmetro and UL certified motors custom developed for the specific application of the customer. Elnor supports various mains voltages and -frequencies to facilitate clients in their export markets.

Driving internationalization

Based on the experience of Elnor Motors in the deployment of electric motors in (distant) export countries, the client can confidently develop new export markets. The motors are developed to operate reliably under difficult circumstances in compliance with the required international certifications. In its own test laboratory Elnor is able to simulate operating conditions typical for specific export destinations, on the motor itself or on the complete machine.

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