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Brushed and brushless DC motors


General characteristics

Elnor offers custom-designed DC motors (with internal brushes or brushless), ATEX and IECEx approved.


Explosion-proof range of DC motors

The development of explosion-proof DC motors is complex. In this regard, it is worthwhile considering custom motors. In addition to improving motor dimensions, noise & vibration, drive optimization, multiple mains support, etc., ELNOR is able to resolve other aspects in the process: axle and flange adaptation, motor mounting, highly-durable paint system, etc.



General characteristics

  • Ambient temperature range -40°C up to +60°C

  • Up to 3500rpm rated speed

  • B3, B34 or B35 flange options

  • Ingress protection up to IP65

  • Connection box with 2xM20 certified gland (standard for Ex-version, optional for safe area version)

Explosion-proof version BAAP80

  • Atex approved Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T4/T3 Gb

  • IECEx approved Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T4/T3 Gb

Brushless version

  • 24VDC or 48VDC input

  • Electronics fully integrated

  • Various speed control options

  • High efficiency & low-power consumption

Available power

  • (BA)AP80S: 180W S1, up to 370W S2 (naturally cooled)

  • (BA)AP80M: 370W S1, up to 550W S2 (naturally cooled)

  • (BA)AP80L: 400W S1, up to 750W S2 (naturally cooled)

  • Higher output power is possible under air-over conditions


  • 6V up to 48VDC


  • IEC standard dimensions

  • NEMA flanges: 56C, etc.

Typical applications

  • Wellhead control panel

  • Dosing pump

  • Valve actuation and control


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