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Brushed and brushless DC motors


General characteristics

Elnor offers custom-designed DC motors (with internal brushes or brushless), ATEX and IECEx approved.

A new brushless  DC motor design is launched at OTC 2023 in Houston. See Motor Specifications below.


Explosion-proof range of DC motors

As the development of explosion-proof DC motors is complex, it is worthwhile considering custom motors. Elnor is able to take many engine aspects to heart at the same time: dimensions, noise & vibration, drive and multiple mains support as well as axle and flange adaptation, mounting, high-durable painting, etc.



High efficiency & low power consumption

  • Input voltage 12 - 48VDC

  • Power range up to 750W

  • Low power consumption

  • Insulation class F

  • Accurate speed control 10 - 100%

  • Analog input control for speed

    • 4-20mA

    • 0-10V

    • Potentiometer

  • Bus systems on demand


  • ATEX and IECEx approval pending

  • II 2 G Ex db IIB (+H2) T4 / T3 Gb

Motor construction

  • Brushless DC permanent-magnet motor

  • Built in electronics

  • Embedded magnets, rugged desig

  • Rear-end fin-cooled endshield

  • IEC and NEMA frame size options

  • Connection types B3, B14, B5, B35 etc.

Typical applications

  • Wellhead control panels

  • Dosing pumps

  • Valve control and actuation

Contact Elnor for additional information or a price quotation.


High efficiency & low power consumption

  • Efficiency up to 82% at 400W shaft power

  • Low-power version: 100W in for 70W shaft power

  • No-load losses: 17W

  • Nominal speed: 1500 rpm

Motor connections

  • Flange options: NEMA / IEC

  • Connection types: B5, B14, B34, B35, etc.

Motor options

  • C5M painting

  • Routine & type test

  • Ingress protection up to IP66

Typical applications

  • DC motor powered by solar panel

  • Wellhead control panel

  • Dosing pump

  • Valve actuation and control, etc.​


Custom motor design and construction

  • Brushed wound-rotor permanent magnet type

  • Rugged construction without electronics

  • Cast-iron endshields and cover, seamless housing

  • Thermally protected

  • Terminal box at NDE

  • Rated speed: 750, 1500 or 3000 rpm

  • Rated shaft power: 50 to 900W

  • Continuous / intermittent duty design

  • Insulation class F

  • Standard PU painting

Contact Elnor for additional information or a price quotation.

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