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Launch of new brushless DC motor design at OTC Houston 2023

On May 1-4, the Elnor Motors sales team will exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. We target export-focused OEMs interested in custom HazLoc electric motors.

Check out our new HazLoc Brushless DC motor and let's discuss the custom HazLoc motors in our range - IECEx and ATEX approved!

We'll be present together with Protos Inc. to address oil & gas markets. Protos Inc. is our exclusive representative for oil & gas markets in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

OTC 2023 - May 1-4 - Elnor Motors / Protos Inc. - Booth 3145 - Check out our brushless and brushed custom HazLoc DC motors, IECEx and ATEX approved!

Elnor's range of brushed and brushless DC motors come in various types:

Custom HazLoc & FHP motors (IECEX, ATEX)

Elnor develops and produces custom-made ‘Exd’ electric motors, which offer the targeted performance and operate reliably in potentially hazardous locations. All motors are built following strict quality procedures in accordance with applicable safety requirements. The explosion-proof motors are certified to ATEX, IECEx and several other standards. These motors are available as asynchronous single-phase or three-phase motors in four frame sizes up to 2.2kW shaft power.

Compact, yet powerful custom-made motors offer a perfect match with applications across industries. Customer-specific integration increases drive robustness and saves on the required space. Experience in machine parts production and assembly ensure accurate motor specifications, low noise and vibration, and a long lifetime.

Custom-made single-phase motors deliver the required power and low noise & vibration, avoiding all motor oversize disadvantages altogether. The compact motors provide high starting torque (up to 400% rated torque), integrated cooling, customized fixations, etc.

HazLoc motors with integrated speed control (IECEX, ATEX)

Speed control of HazLoc electric motors is a challenge in ATEX environments. Variable motor speed is achieved using a variable speed drive, which has to be installed in a safe zone. Elnor Motors succeeded in integrating a variable speed drive into the explosion-proof motor enclosure.


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