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Estelle Marteau, the human touch of Elnor's human resources

Recently, Estelle Marteau came onboard at Elnor as human resource officer. She is responsible for various HR related aspects including candidate selection, recruitment, performance reviews, payroll administration and social legislation. Estelle in her part-time role fits in the strengthened Elnor team, which is put in place to operate on a larger scale and serve customers better.

Elnor Motors continues to grow as an organization, both in production capacity and supporting teams such as sales, engineering, purchasing, marketing and human resources. Therefore, Estelle was selected to further improve Elnor’s human resources. Elnor is happy to welcome Estelle Marteau, who started off in May.

Estelle: "It is an honor for me to assist the Elnor workforce in various HR related aspects. I handle most aspects myself while I collaborate with the management or third parties like our social secretariat. During previous working experiences, I gained experience in various human resource roles, which is helpful here at Elnor."

Estelle's HR responsibilities also cover attracting new people in production and the supporting teams. "I like the versatility in my job. The process of attracting talented persons entails job vacancies, interviews, candidate assessments, hiring contracts, employee onboarding, etc. I am happy to contribute to the influx of appropriate persons, which is essential in supporting the growth path of Elnor."

Estelle is a busy bee. Apart from her professional assignments, she is in the process of building a new house together with her partner. When she finds the time, she likes to relax, hike or take her horse for a ride. Elnor wishes Estelle success in her work for Elnor and her personal projects.


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