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Further optimizing custom motor production

The optimization of Elnor Motors production focuses on different aspects, including floor layout, production capacity, and technology evolution.

The optimization of the custom motor production is a continuous effort in our growing company. We are currently shifting gears as part of the facility being renovated.

Below you see different production optimization aspects with pictures showing the progress made.

Storage of parts, subassemblies and motors

Dedicated warehouse areas are installed with new rows of industrial racks. Digital tracking keeps operations up to date about the stock of parts, subassemblies and motors.

Production assembly lines

More and more working cells and assembly lines are equipped with rolling systems which avoid manually carrying over parts, subassemblies and motors.

Advanced CNC turning center

The new CNC turning center that fully automatically machines motor parts including robotic (un)loading by means of a turn assist. The advanced system has a double spindle and integrated CMM capability. The CNC turning center continuously improves production efficiency and capacity, while maintaining full motor design flexibility.

Production cell nameplates

New nameplates clearly identify working cells and warehouses across the entire production.


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