Standard single phase motors

Elnor Motors produces single phase motors for various applications.
The windings are designed to fit the needs of the application.

The available powers, voltage and frequencies:

  • 50W up to 2,2kW
  • 100V, 115V, 200V, 230V, ....50Hz and 60Hz
  • Frame size IEC56, IEC63, IEC71 and IEC80

The available variants for the capacitors are:

  • Permanent run capacitor
  • Start capacitor with mechanical centrifugal switch
  • Start capacitor and permanent run capacitor

High efficiency (IEC 60034-30)

  • IE3 up to 550W
  • IE2 up to 1kW
  • Tested according IEC/EN 60034-2-1

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Single-phase motors with high starting torque and/or customised fixations

Elnor Motors offers custom-made solutions for every machine or application requiring a single-phase electric motor which has to be compact, having a low noise level, having a high starting torque up to 400% rated torque, integrated cooling, etc.

Through integration with customer parts, Elnor can tailor the motor perfectly to the application, to give your equipment that competitive advantage you need to distinguish yourself from the competition.

All motors are built in accordance with the CE machinery safety directive.

Read our testimonials to see how this way of working adds value to your product.

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