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New thermal bonding machine increases production capacity

Elnor recently commissioned a new thermal bonding machine that heats up stator coils by applying high electric current through the coils.

Increasing motor production capacity

The controlled process of inducing heat in the coils partially liquefies the surrounding coatings to fixate the stator coils. This ensures a highly stable winding unit. The new thermal bonding machine runs in parallel with the existing dip & bake oven that serves the same purpose. Altogether, both machines double the capacity in this motor production step, which currently forms a bottleneck in the process.

Towards higher motor production automation

The new installation fits in a multiyear investment program that pursues an increased level of automated and robotized motor production. As the new thermal bonding machine applies an entirely electrical process, it is also able to automatically conduct electrical motor verifications before thermal bonding. This further enhances digital motor test reporting and traceability. Future steps in the investment program will also implement production changes and additions that ultimately further increase automation by reducing manual motor assembly efforts.

Increased sustainability and energy savings

Furthermore, the new parallel station for thermal bonding offers increased sustainability compared to its existing counterpart. It basically applies electrical energy directly into the coils in order to efficiently achieve controlled bonding of coil coatings. This entirely different process consumes only a fraction of the electric energy of the dip & bake oven process. The solvent emissions are also reduced to an absolute minimum. Overall, the new station is clearly more ecologic and consumes less energy.


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