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New EU ‘Ecodesign’ regulation takes effect mid 2021: what’s the impact?

The EU has adopted a further tightened EU ‘Ecodesign’ regulation in terms of minimum electric motor efficiency.

Where today’s regulation excluded motors up to 0.75kW and explosion-proof motors, the new motor efficiency regulation will bring this threshold to 0.12kW and will also be applicable to explosion-proof motors. The regulation applies for three phase and single phase motors that are ventilated and rated S1-continuous duty. The new EU ‘Ecodesign’ regulation will come into force mid 2021 onward.

More specifically, the new regulation stipulates that three phase and single phase motors exceeding 0.75kW must satisfy the highest efficiency standards IE3 (e.g. 82.5% for a 4-pole motor rated 0.75kW). Three phase and single phase motors between 0.12kW and 0.75kW must comply with efficiency class IE2 (e.g. 72.7% for a 4-pole motor rated 0.37kW).

The new ‘Ecodesign’ regulation will be enforced for all motors installed in and exported to EU countries. As a consequence, machine manufacturers located outside the EU exporting to EU countries will also be subject to this new regulation. The other way around falls outside the new regulation: EU-based machine manufacturers who export to countries outside of the EU will not be affected.

Clients of Elnor Motors don’t have to worry about the new ‘Ecodesign’ regulation. With each new order, Elnor Motors will carefully verify whether the motors fall under the new regulation. In any case, our specialists will ensure that your motor design will comply with the applicable requirements.

As a member of the committee, Elnor Motors actively follows up on national and international motor regulations and regularly interacts and formulates recommendations for future regulations.


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