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Making windings in-house fits our strategy of delivering fit-for-purpose custom electric motors

This in-house winding process permits a swift response to customer demands and short development lead-times.

Better results through collaboration

Some electric motor manufacturers produce windings in-house, whereas others rely on subcontractors. Elnor’s focus is on developing a custom electric motor that delivers the required power and performance for the customer’s specific machine application. During the motor development phase, Elnor collaborates with the customer to achieve a natural and straightforward connection between the motor and the machine.

Producing the copper motor windings in-house fits our DNA to fully control motor capabilities and dimensions. It also enables us to quickly deliver a custom motor prototype, or quickly shift between production batches of dozens or hundreds units. As a result, machines fitted with an Elnor motor consume less energy, contain less parts to assemble, and maintain highest quality and reliability – built in short and flexible delivery times.

Full control over entire winding process

Elnor’s AC motor windings consist of copper wires that are laid in coils, positioned inside a laminated iron magnetic core. When energized with current, magnetic poles are formed, and current is induced in the aluminium rings in the rotor, which makes the shaft turn around. The quality of the wiring starts with using high-quality copper wire, and closely controlling the winding, forming and connecting process. Elnor pays particular attention to the non-conductive coating of the wire. Inferior coating may exhibit micro cracks when wiring is formed during the winding process, potentially leading to premature motor breakdown within a few years.

In-house winding enables Elnor to design windings in accordance with custom requirements in terms of motor power, performance and dimensions. And the manual tasks performed in between automated wiring process steps allow for electrical and visual checks to ensure everything is alright. The meticulous work during Elnor’s in-house winding process and the sole use of highest quality components ultimately result in a long motor lifetime. That may well be the secret behind customers who remain faithful to Elnor for decades and more…


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