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Investment in vertically integrated motor shaft production

For more than 30 years the company Adesco has produced shafts for ELNOR Motors. With the retirement of the owners approaching, ELNOR has acquired the production assets and machines of Adesco.

In the meantime ELNOR has integrated the motor shaft production cell in its own production facility. Producing shafts in-house fits our strategy to flexibly and efficiently produce custom electric motors.

A special word of thanks goes to the owners of Adesco, and their continued support that has made the transfer smooth and trouble-free.

Each of the three machines consists of a feeder unit for semi-finished steel bars of three meters long. The unit then automatically feeds the bars to a high-precision CNC machining unit in order to machine shafts according to customer-specified dimensions.

The machinery allows ELNOR to produce customer-specific motor shafts with high accuracy – while increasing cost efficiency and reducing throughput time.


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