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Freezing cold Covid-19 vaccine containers ventilated using custom Elnor motors

It is a relief that Covid-19 vaccines have been approved for widespread use. Some vaccine types need to be transported from factory to patient under extremely low temperatures. For an international customer, which produces temperature-controlled transport containers, Elnor delivers application-specific motors.

Within a couple of weeks, Elnor designed and produced three-phase electric motors that can withstand extreme temperatures of -90 degrees Celsius. Elnor engineering specialists tuned motor mechanics, bearings and cabling to ensure reliably motor operations in such freezing conditions. After advanced testing in our facilities, the first batch of motors is produced and ready to be shipped.

The rugged cast iron motors are used to circulate freezing air in the transport containers carrying Covid vaccines. Luckily, Elnor is specialized in quickly turning around the design and production of custom electric motors with specific operational requirements. As part of this project, the Elnor team is happy to contribute to the fight against Covid-19.

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