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Building construction and renovation works at ELNOR Motors - Phase 1

To accommodate the further growth of ELNOR Motors, a multi-year investment programme in the site and buildings of ELNOR Motors in Haacht is being rolled out.

Phase 2 starting in the summer

Upcoming office building renovation

After the successful energy-efficient renovation of our production hall, ELNOR will start renovating its office building during the summer. From then onward, we will work in temporary offices. As the picture shows, we will ultimately move in an attractive building, which combines architectural appeal and historical heritage.

Building renovation impression (above) versus drawing of original building (below)

Phase 1 has been completed

The lunch area, locker room and sanitary spaces have been completed and inaugurated this week. The renovation project introduced modern comfort and facilities while retaining the charm of the historic building. The facility construction and renovation at ELNOR Motors will continue in other sections of the building. The pictures below show different spaces ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ the construction works.

The building construction and renovation works at ELNOR Motors progress nicely. All efforts are executed to deliver brand new staff offices and rooms, motor engineering and testing facilities, and sanitary areas. Many construction aspects are taken care of simultaneously: erecting walls as well as installing windows, stairs, tubes, cabling, etc.

The construction works start with … demolition works. From the debris, modern sanitary areas and staff rooms will resurrect. The building construction and renovation works fit in a multiyear investment for developing comfortable and fashionable infrastructure.

As one of the first steps, the roof of ELNOR’s production facilities have been renewed. The massive job - executed in phases - will be completed in a few weeks. The works fit in the continuous updating of our production infrastructure and facilities towards more integrated and automated motor manufacturing.


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