Atex certificates
pdf_icon Quality Assurance Notification (QAN): LCIE 17 ATEX Q 4003 rev0
     (valid until 24/02/2020)
pdf_icon BA7300: ISSeP 09ATEX019X
pdf_icon BA100: ISSeP 08ATEX051X
pdf_icon BA200: ISSeP 08ATEX041X
pdf_icon BA300: ISSeP 09ATEX014X/2
pdf_icon BAAP80: ISSeP 09ATEX038X
pdf_icon Instruction Manual Atex (rev. 07/06/2016)
pdf_icon Instruction Manual DC (rev. 07/06/2016)

IECEx certificates
pdf_icon Quality Assessment Report (QAR): QAR06.0007/10
    (valid until 24/02/2020)
pdf_icon BA7300 : IECEx LCIE 15.0035 X issue 00
pdf_icon BA100 : IECEx LCIE 15.0036 X issue 00
pdf_icon BA200 : IECEx LCI 10.0037X issue 2
pdf_icon BA300 : IECEx LCI 05.0002X issue 2
pdf_icon ExTR "BA300" range: ExTR11_0007 rev0
pdf_icon ExTR "BA200" range: ExTR10_0040 rev2
pdf_icon Instruction manual IECEx (rev. 07/06/2016)
pdf_icon Instruction manual IECEx DC (rev. 18/03/2016)

INMETRO certificates (Brazilië)
pdf_icon BA200 & BA300: ELNOR-TUV-13_0079X (Valid till 22/01/2019)
pdf_icon Instruction manual Portugese

CE declaration
pdf_iconTemplate for CE declaration
pdf_iconAtex template for CE declaration

pdf_icon Certificate (Valid till 20/02/2018)

UL certificates
pdf_icon BAV370C/CP AR: Certificate of compliance 20141003-E116894
PTDR.E116894: Motors for use in Hazardous locations.
PTDR7.E116894: Motors for use in Hazardous locations certified for Canada UL component certification of motor insulation system.

pdf_icon Leaflet 11/2014
pdf_icon Atex brochure 11/2014
pdf_icon A1 poster motors 11/2014
pdf_icon BAAP80 standard range: 24V Atex approved motors (rev. 13/05/2015)
pdf_icon Integrated frequency control for IECEx/ATEX approved motor (rev. 21/03/2016)